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Back once again...

Taproom Sept 2019.png

with another of those taproom things! We’re back in the taproom again on the 28th from 2 until 10 with all sorts of cans, kegs, casks and that fair to middling inclement banter you’ve all come to endure.

We’ve got all sorts of treats for you as well including casks of Ahab Lapsang Souchong Stout & Can I Kick It? Pale, kegs of Wildlands IPA and guest line Stubrew Pineapple Incident IPA, and a first pour of our Take Me To The River Pink Grapefruit Gose.

Plus five, count them, five different cans in the cooler waiting for your graspy little hands to take them home!


Taproom Aug 2019 (Cafe Amsterdam)-01.png

It’s that time again! We’ve got the amazing Cafe Amsterdam back in the taproom for one weekend only. Running from Friday until Sunday at the end of the month, they’ll be taking over our taps and fridges with the best of everything that the Netherlands has to offer from breweries like De Molen, Het Uiltje, Kees and Frontaal. Plus we’ve got all sorts of Holland’s homeland spirit of choice Genever to tempt your taste buds and traditional Dutch beer snack Bitteballen! It’s all kicking off.

Watch this space for a beer list…

Taprooms, Beers, and Endless Paperwork

Our taproom has been something that we’ve been passionate about opening for a long time, and it’s something that more than a few of you have been asking us about repeatedly. We’ve been quietly working away in the background to try and make the dream a reality, but unfortunately have met a couple of stumbling blocks along the way. 

During the process of filing for our final premises license we’ve found ourselves in discussion with our landlords about how best to make our humble road safe for our drinkers when they enter and leave our property. Sadly until we can come to a sensible arrangement with them, they won’t let us have the taproom open as often as we’d like. 

For now, we’re going try to move to an events-based open schedule, so expect to see something big from us every month or so while we try and iron out the kinks in our license. Hopefully in time, we can come back to you with the boozy front-room every Saturday that we’ve always dreamt of, until then, please bear with us while we jump through all the hoops we can. 


Twirling round with this familiar parable

2018 is going to be a big one. We've decided. So with that in mind, what better than to start it on a high with a massive IPA. Introducing: Parabola. A mind-altering brew of Amarillo and Ekuanot hops. Playing heavily on notes of citrus, papaya, pine and fresh peppers, it's a fresh IPA guaranteed designed to take you to a whole new plane of existence. 

Since it's #Tryanuary and all, we thought it would be a capital idea to launch our new IPA at one of our favourite boozers in Newcastle, the Split Chimp. Kicking off on Tuesday the 23rd of Jan. If you're in the area; or even if you're not, get yourselves down to the Split Chimp, say hello and experience Parabola for yourselves!


Beer and biscuits anyone?

As you may be aware, we love a good mental Christmas beer. This year is no exception, in fact our idea was that insane that we had to call in a couple of a favours. Enter Pete from Drygate and Emily from StuBrew. Together we've created the Biscuit of Burden.

An Imperial Mild with seven kinds of malt and a boat load of crushed up biscoff caramelised biscuit. It's been liberally sampled in the brewery already and I can confirm it's tasting incredible. Heavy on the malt and incredibly rich, it's the very definition of a winter warmer.

We'll be launching this beast at the Town Mouse Ale House on Thursday 14th of December, alongside a host of new and interesting beers from all three breweries. We've got some insane beers lined up for it and some moderate quality banter, so watch this space.