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It's that Festive Period!

Here we are celebrating Errant's second Christmas. Hard to believe it's come around again so quickly! Big love to everyone who has made our journey possible so far; those that have bought our beer, drank our beer and sold us back our own beer and the resulting hangovers therein. This non-denominative festive celebratory period we've got some brand spankers to tantalise and show off. 

First off we've got our obligatory winter beer. But this time it's completely different! Last year we did a dark beer; so did everyone else. This year we've gone completely off the reservation and done a saison. 'But that's a summer/autumn harvest-y type beer' I hear you cry. You're not wrong.  That's why we called it Harvest. But it's a WINTER saison. Taking an already spicy tasty beer thanks to awesome saison yeasts, we've winterfied it with boatloads of warming ginger. The resulting beer is a pleasantly different ale for winter and a welcome light to the dark winter months. 

Secondly, we've only gone and done some cans. You've asked, you've begged, you've demanded we make our beer take-home-able and so here it is. For your supping consideration: the inimitable Tusk IPA in can. Packing in delightful 330ml tinnies, you can pick them up from Mmm...Glug in Newcastle, Coppers in Gosforth, Boda Home in Whitley Bay and countless other places in between. 

And if you think that's good, wait until you see what we're planning in the new year...