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Get to Know Our Artist: Sasha Hitchcock

We're intensely proud of our beer artwork and think that their creator deserves all the recognition for them. Introducing Sasha Hitchcock,  professional photographer and illustrator.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I live in West Berkshire and met Tom while serving his pints at the local pub during his time working for West Berkshire Brewery. Now I work as a photographer and illustrate on the side for Errant. My photography discusses the politics of the food industry, and my illustration is just for a bit of fun!

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Ironically, considering my work is very precise and detailed, I actually love expressive and loose illustration. I was a massive fan of Derek Hess growing up and my favourite type of art is quick life drawing sketches. 

Photography wise, I grew up in a vegetarian family and had preconceived views about the meat industry. I met a local deer stalker who took me out on a shoot and allowed me to document the process. I now spend a lot of my time documenting food scenes to provide a more transparent view on the food and hunting industry. My current project looks into trophy hunting. 

What’s your favourite pump clip you’ve drawn so far?

Flintlock, I have considered having it as a tattoo.. (We whole-heartedly approve of this btw)

Anything you’d really love to draw in the future?

A bear, a camera. Also maybe something film related?

Captain Planet or Biker Mice from Mars?

Biker Mice from Mars, childhood obsession

East 17 or Boyzone?

Blue Oyster Cult

What is your spirit animal?

A moose - clumsy, lanky, and stubborn

Which Spice Girl are you?

I was too busy playing with Lego

To see more of Sasha's fantastic photography, visit: