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Founder Profile: Tom Meads

Name: Tom Meads

Age: 27

Wrestling Name: Hector Rebiero

Fighting Style: Mexican Lucha libre

Background: Tom has been brewing for half a decade. Picking up his trade at the West Berkshire Brewery near Reading, he helped grow the traditional english brewhouse into the big business brewery it is today. 

Branching out to the lovely north (for the climate, of course) he founded Errant with business partner Martyn. Now he's the brewer, driver, cleaner, chief tea-maker, beer tester and more for Errant. 

Favourite Beer Style: I used to like traditional session ales, but I think I've started to prefer bigger hoppier IPA flavours. 

Favourite Errant beer to brew: Clever Girl, because it's a 'technical' brew with loads of different hop additions (AKA Hoy 'em in). 

Favourite Errant beer to drink: Dillon, love those big NZ hop flavours!

East 17 or Backstreet Boys: Backstreet Boys

Favourite 80s Action Film: Terminator

Would you rather fight an ostrich or two ponies: Hector Rebiero would probably lay the smackdown on two ponies. 

Hardest Thing about Moving Up North: Adjusting to the language, I've spent far too long starring blankly at Geordies and then smiling and nodding.