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Founder Profile: Martyn Stockley

Name: Martyn Stockley

Age: 28

Wrestling Name: Dirk Handsome

Fighting Style: Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

Background: A writer at heart, Martyn dabbled with freelance copywriting and journalism while earning his monthly wage in the technology sector. Sick of working for 'the man' he branched out into making a business of what he loves: Beer. 

Nowadays he's the main man for sales, marketing, accounting, brand development and all those other things that big business have posh names for. 

In his own words: 'I'm really proud of how far we've come. If you'd asked me a couple of years ago if I thought I'd be doing this with my life, I'd have laughed. Yet here we are, turns out we're more adaptable than we know...'

Favourite Beer Style: I used to think I was an IPA man through and through but nowadays I'm partial to a good Saison. 

Favourite Errant beer to brew: Ahab. I love those deep smokey smells and flavours that fill the brewery every time we make it!

Favourite Errant beer to drink: Ahab, as above. I love a beer that is this galvanising. It's so cool to see one person say 'that's amazing!' and another say 'why does this taste like fire?!'.

East 17 or Backstreet Boys: East 17, all the way. No question. 

Favourite 80s Action Film: Predator. GET TO THA CHOPPA!

Would you rather fight an ostrich or two ponies: I reckon an ostrich, I reckon my BJJ floor game would sort it right now. 

Hardest Thing about Working With a Southerner: I need to translate Geordie for him at least once a day. I think he's learning though...