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It's All Coming Together!

It's a new year and the first steps towards getting our tap room up and running are underway!

Observe the mystery, the marvel and the wonder as we cut a bar top into shape and fit it on the bar.  Experience trepidation as you perch on the edge of your seat as ask yourself the hard questions: 'will it all fit together?', 'Did Tom cut his thumb off with a circular saw?' and many more!

On a serious note, we're steaming ahead with our tap room, we've got an arch full of the finest reclaimed furniture and pallet based surfaces known to man. When we're not brewing, we're working up a veritable sweat, painting and cleaning to make our brewery all swanky and shiny for when we welcome our first drinkers to our bar. 

I don't believe in setting launch dates this early on (they'll definitely catch us out if we do) so all I'll say for now is that we're working our hardest and would to love open our doors to all of you by March.