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I want your hops, Your malt & Your mash tun....

This month we're introducing not one, but two new beers!

First up is the 2017 version of our mental wheat beer: Future Sailor. This time it's all kinds of messed up with heaps and heaps of Lime and Kiwi. Expect big fruity flavours in a refreshing summer classic. All backed up with that crisp orange and clove flavour that only wheat beers provide.

Second, it's a long-time dream of ours made reality. Introducing the T-1000 DIPA! T-1000 is Tusk's bigger, meaner brother. Taking everything that makes Tusk incredible and adding a tonne of new hops including Mosaic, Centennial, Citra & Equinox, it's a beast of a DIPA. Weighing in at a beastly 8.5%, its a mental strong IPA worth of the title DIPA.

T-1000 is also, for the first time, a keg only beer, ensuring the beer is served completely carbonated and chilled to perfection.