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Big News, Big Beer

It's been a little while since we last updated you on the insanity at the Errant brewhouse, and so we've got a lot to cover. 

First, we've got two new beers hitting pubs very soon. First up is the return of our perennially popular Rooibos Ruby, Crystal Skull. Brewed with a blend of Newcastle legends Quilliam Bros' finest Rooibos tea and five unique hops, it's a super fruity brew designed to blow your mind. Forget everything you knew about beer. 

Second is a brand-spanker NZPA by the name of B82rez. Pronounced Batteries, it's a timesaving brew with a whole host of New Zealand's finest hops. In a wave of super fruity New Englander's B82rez is a unashamed super floral, super herbal pale ale at the perfectly sessionable ABV of 3.9%.

Last but not least, we've got big news on the home front. As the more astute of you may have noticed, we moved location a couple of months ago and since then, we've been radio-silent and busily working away on our shiny new taproom. We've been cooking on gas, hammering, sawing, nailing and generally DIYing together what we think is a kick-ass bar. Keep an eye on the horizon for an opening date coming very soon!

Til next time sports fans.