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Taprooms, Beers, and Endless Paperwork

Our taproom has been something that we’ve been passionate about opening for a long time, and it’s something that more than a few of you have been asking us about repeatedly. We’ve been quietly working away in the background to try and make the dream a reality, but unfortunately have met a couple of stumbling blocks along the way. 

During the process of filing for our final premises license we’ve found ourselves in discussion with our landlords about how best to make our humble road safe for our drinkers when they enter and leave our property. Sadly until we can come to a sensible arrangement with them, they won’t let us have the taproom open as often as we’d like. 

For now, we’re going try to move to an events-based open schedule, so expect to see something big from us every month or so while we try and iron out the kinks in our license. Hopefully in time, we can come back to you with the boozy front-room every Saturday that we’ve always dreamt of, until then, please bear with us while we jump through all the hoops we can.