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Big News, Big Beer

It's been a little while since we last updated you on the insanity at the Errant brewhouse, and so we've got a lot to cover. 

First, we've got two new beers hitting pubs very soon. First up is the return of our perennially popular Rooibos Ruby, Crystal Skull. Brewed with a blend of Newcastle legends Quilliam Bros' finest Rooibos tea and five unique hops, it's a super fruity brew designed to blow your mind. Forget everything you knew about beer. 

Second is a brand-spanker NZPA by the name of B82rez. Pronounced Batteries, it's a timesaving brew with a whole host of New Zealand's finest hops. In a wave of super fruity New Englander's B82rez is a unashamed super floral, super herbal pale ale at the perfectly sessionable ABV of 3.9%.

Last but not least, we've got big news on the home front. As the more astute of you may have noticed, we moved location a couple of months ago and since then, we've been radio-silent and busily working away on our shiny new taproom. We've been cooking on gas, hammering, sawing, nailing and generally DIYing together what we think is a kick-ass bar. Keep an eye on the horizon for an opening date coming very soon!

Til next time sports fans.



I want your hops, Your malt & Your mash tun....

This month we're introducing not one, but two new beers!

First up is the 2017 version of our mental wheat beer: Future Sailor. This time it's all kinds of messed up with heaps and heaps of Lime and Kiwi. Expect big fruity flavours in a refreshing summer classic. All backed up with that crisp orange and clove flavour that only wheat beers provide.

Second, it's a long-time dream of ours made reality. Introducing the T-1000 DIPA! T-1000 is Tusk's bigger, meaner brother. Taking everything that makes Tusk incredible and adding a tonne of new hops including Mosaic, Centennial, Citra & Equinox, it's a beast of a DIPA. Weighing in at a beastly 8.5%, its a mental strong IPA worth of the title DIPA.

T-1000 is also, for the first time, a keg only beer, ensuring the beer is served completely carbonated and chilled to perfection.



Pining For the Fjords...

It's finally here! Our insanely tropical collab with top Jorvikian's Brew York. X-Parrot is a silly fruity IPA with an absolute boatload of tropical pineapple, citrus, grapefruit, guava, mango and more!

It's launching next week in both cans and keg, so watch this space for the events and get thee along to give it a blast!

Beers for days!

It's been a busy old month, but we've got a lot to show for it; including not one, but two, count them, TWO brand-spanking new beers to show off. 

Our first is our 2017 Newcastle Beer Fest Battle of The Beers entry, Kaiju Punch. Brewed with a ludicrous amount of Mosaic and Citra, it's a unfined and unfiltered super hoppy IPA. As punchy as the name suggests, it's got a heavy herbal nose and a great fruity taste. 

Our other new beer is the second in our series of collabs with Newcastle Uni's Stu Brew. Named Shovelbeast after we CRUSHED the brewhouse's mash tun emptying challenge, it's a Red Berry Saison with loads and loads of pulped raspberry and cranberry. It's got an immediate raspberry hit as soon it hits the tongue which is rounded out by the tart flavours of cranberry and finishes very dry and spicy with the unique flavours that only saison yeast can provide. 

Both beers are hitting pubs this week so get out and get them tried! Watch this space as well as we've got something very cool to announce in a few weeks!

Magic... The darkest magic. My soul swims in it... Scattered across time, trapped in the world of formlessness...

It's that time again! For February/March we're launching something dark and magical. Inspired by Scandinavia's favourite sweet, Black Magic is a black storm of dark malts, salt and liquorice root flavours. Fortified with oats for a thick and creamy head, expect big blasts of liquorice flavour backed up with lots of malty goodness and the unique tang of salt.

Guest artwork by the immensely talented Tom Boyle (