Tusk is our answer to the great British Classic. Drawing inspiration from new world big hitters, Tusk is brewed with citrus Cascade and finished with powerful Chinook. It's our original Errant bad lad.


‘Pale malt blended with Cascade hops and Chinook to finish a very drinkable IPA.'

Style: IPA

Colour: Amber

ABV: 5.2%

SEE: Amber

SMELL: Resinous Hops

TASTE: Hoppy, Bitter,  Citrus



A classic black porter brewed with Bramling Cross and NZ Dr. Rudi. Comanche is a proud porter with plenty of tasty hops and malt character, a perfect dark ale to join our core beers. 


' A dark horse of a porter brewed with a unique blend of Bramling Cross and Dr.Rudi'

Style: Porter

Colour: Black

ABV: 4.5%

SEE:  Black, Deep Maroon

SMELL: Malt, Chocolate, Roasted

TASTE: Chocolate, Roasted, Treacle

Kaiju Punch

Kaiju Punch

Kaiju Punch was our 2017 Newcastle Beer Fest entry. When asked to brew an IPA for Battle of the Beers we, predictably, went a bit mental. Kaiju Punch is a fighty 5.3% IPA brewed with more hops than you shake a stick at. Drowning in Mosaic and Citra hops and backed-up with only the palest malt, it packs a serious wallop.


'A pale stormer of an IPA with heaps of tropical Mosaic and Citra.'

Style: IPA

Colour: Pale Gold

ABV: 5.3%

SEE:  Haze, Amber

SMELL: Tropical Fruit, Citrus

TASTE:, Tropical Fruit, Berry, Herbal 



A brand new addition to our can line-up for Christmas 2017, Leviathan is a 6% beast from the deep with tidal waves of Simcoe and the freshest Galaxy hot off the 2017 Australian harvest. 

'A beast from the deep with undercurrents of passionfruit and peach'

Style: IPA

Colour: Pale

ABV: 6%

SEE:  Pale Straw

SMELL: Peach, Stone Fruit

TASTE: Passion Fruit, Citrus



It's Christmas and that can only mean it's time for dark beers again. This time we're back in form with an animal of a stout. Razorback is everything we love from a stout. It's got heaps of dark malts and oats, plus a touch of a salt and that dry finish that makes a good stout great.

'A dark stout a strong roasted profile and undertones of chocolate and coffee.'

Style: Stout

Colour: Black

ABV: 4.7%

SEE:  Deep Black

SMELL: Coffee, Malt,

TASTE: Malt, Coffee, Cacao Nibs