It started with an idea...

That nobody knows your beer better than you, and the belief that if you want something doing right, do it yourself. So two months later and lots of hammered thumbs, nailed fingers and general cuts and bruises, we proudly got to open the doors of the Errant Taproom to the public.

Built into the front of our brewery, you can visit, sample our beers (and other peoples), chillax and see how it's made all in one neat boozy package. 

We're opening Friday and Saturday fortnightly. Here are our current opening times:

Taproom Opening Times:

Friday: 27th - 1600 - 2300

Saturday 28th - 1300 - 2300


Beer List

KEG: Errant - Leviathan IPA - 6.0%

KEG: Errant - Kaiju Punch IPA - 5.3%

KEG: Black Lodge Extended Universe American Universe Brown Ale - 4.4%

KEG: Allendale - Adder Lager - 5.0%

CASK: Errant - Razorback Stout - 5.7%

CASK: Errant - Aspirations of Frank Session IPA - 4.2%

CASK: Fell - Ghyll Golden Ale - 3.7%

We'll keep updating this list regular,y so keep an eye on it!